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Cairo Governor conducts inspection tour of Asmarat district
24 March 2024

Cairo Governor Khaled Abdel Aal inspected Sunday the Asmarat district to follow up on the accessibility of services provided to its residents.

Abdel Aal asserted the state's keenness to provide comprehensive care to the residents of Asmarat and all other alternative housing projects, adding that there is a periodical follow-up on all alternative housing projects implemented by the state for citizens to ensure its sustainability.   

Abdel Aal also said that eradicating informal settlements in the capital, one of the huge challenges the state overcame following the directives of President Sisi, has presented a distinctive model and a unique experience that is being studied worldwide in the field of establishing integrated new urban communities. He pointed out that the Asmarat was a starting point for many other alternative housing projects.

Moreover, Abdel Aal inspected several small factories and craft workshops during the tour, which provided job opportunities for the residents of Asmarat. These factories and workshops were established in cooperation with several civil society organizations, including factories for clothing and handmade carpets.

Additionally, Abdel Aal visited several nurseries in the Asmarat district established in a civilized way to create a new conscious generation among the residents of those developed neighborhoods.

Abdel Aal praised the role of civil society in establishing those small factories and workshops as part of community participation in the efforts made by the state to enhance developed neighborhoods and provide services and job opportunities for residents.

Accompanying the governor on his tour were Deputy Cairo Governor Jihan Abdel Moneim and several officials of Cairo governorate.

Source: Media Department, Cairo Governorate