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Salah El-Din’s Citadel




The Citadel is one of Cairo's main attractions and probably the most popular Islamic moment in Cairo. Salah El-Din built it in 1176 AD, it was the place of most Egypt’s rulers for 700 years. Mohammed Ali was the last ruler in the citadel. Salah El-Din built the citadel to connect Cairo and Fustat to defend the city against the Crusaders, but The citadel’s construction was not finished during his lifetime and was completed during the era of Sultan Kamel.

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The Military Museum


The Military Museum is located on Salah Salem Street inside Salaheddin Citadel. It was opened in 1949. The museum was dedicated to the residence of Muhammad Ali Pasha and his family. It contains several halls that appear the military history of the Egyptian army from the beginning of the Pharaonic era to the modern era.



Mohamed Ali Mosque


The Mosque of Muhammad Ali is located inside the citadel of Salah Aldin. It is also known as The Alabaster Mosque as its interior and exterior walls are amazingly coated with alabaster. The mosque was built by Mohamed Ali Pasha between 1830 and 1848. It contains also the tomb of the Mohamed Ali Pasha.

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Al-Gawhara Palace


El Gawhara Palace is located in the Southern Section of Saladin Citadel in Cairo and the entrance to the museum is located in front of the main entrance to the magnificent Mosque of Mohamed Ali. El Gawhara Palace was built mainly to be a home for Muhammad Ali wife and it was established in 1814.  The palace, is a beautiful example of Ottoman architecture with strong European influences. The palace was named after Gawhara Hanem, the last of Mohamed Ali’s wives.

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The Archaological Garden Museum


It is located in the citadel of Salah al-Din. The museum is built on an area of 9000 meters. The museum contains columns, crowns and decorations from the Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman eras. It also contains a collection of tombstones with written inscriptions in kufi, doors and historical memorial plates.

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The National Police Museum


The National Police Museum is located on the northwest side of the citadel of Saladin. The Police Museum was opened in 1406 AH / January 25, 1986, to include some popular heroes like Adham al-Sharqawi and the officers of the battle of Ismailia. Also, it contains some Egyptian criminals.

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The Royal Vehicle Museum


The museum is located inside the citadel of Salah Al-Din, and it was opened in 1983. The museum is a single hall displaying eight vehicles that participated in official events in Egypt during the reign of Mohammed Ali's family. The most important one of these vehicles is which was acquired by the Empress of France (Eugenie) to participate in the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal on 17 November in 1869.

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