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Religions Complex





Babylon Fortress


Babylon Fortress is Located in Old Cairo, the fortress city known as the Babylon Fortress is the oldest part of Cairo. Built by the Romans, the fort was in a strategic position to dominate Egypt along the Nile. Persecution led Coptic Egyptians to take refuge within the fortifications. They built several churches and a monastery embedded within the fortress. Walk the length of the walls to see the fusion of Roman and Coptic architecture.

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The Hanging Church

The Hanging Church (Church of virgin Mary) is located in Old Cairo, The Hanging Church is one of the most beautiful churches in the Middle East. Built on top of the Roman fortress gatehouse called Babylon, the nave of the Hanging Church is suspended over the passageway.

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Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque is located in Old Cairo in Fustat within The Religions Complex. The location of the mosque was determined by the general of the Muslim Army Amr Ibn Al-'As who had pitched his tent at that very same place when he conquered the land. The Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas is the first mosque in Egypt . It has many names and titles, including the Old Mosque, Taj Mosques, the Fath Mosque, Al-Nasr Mosque, the Mosque of Egypt.

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The Coptic Museum is located within the Roman fortress town called Babylon in Old Cairo, step into the past and walk by the fusion of cultures inside and outside the museum in a place as old as history. The Museum was established in 1908, and it was developed and reopened in 1998. The total area of the museum is about 8000 m.

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Church of Mary Gerges


This church is located in the Roman fortress (Babylon) near Margarges Metro Station. It was built by the rich writer Athanasius around 684 AD. The church is one of the roman forts most beautiful churches. Unfortunately, it was burned eighty years ago and a new church was built and nothing remains from the old one except for a reception room known as “groom’s hall” which is dated back to the 14th century.

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The Church of St Barbara


The Church of Saint Barbara is located inside the walls of the fortress of Babylon and contains the body of this saint. The church was established between the 4th and 5th centuries AD. It houses some interesting icons and the relics of the Saint herself, who was murdered by her father after attempting to convert him to Christianity.

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Church of Abu-Seifein


The church is located in old Egypt (Misr Al-Kadima) and it is one of the most important remaining monuments in Egypt. The church has dark cave you can reach it with a small latter. This church is different from the other churches as it contains a large amount of unique Coptic icons that most of it dates back to 1491(year of the martyrs) Coptic which is1775 AD and some of them are older than that.

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The Church of Abu Serga


The church of Saint Sergius and Bacchus (Abu Serga) is located inside the religions complex in Old Cairo. Coptic tradition has it that the church was built over the site where the Holy Family once rested during its journey into Egypt. The event is commemorated every year on June 1st with a mass. See the crypt where Jesus may have rested, marvel at the sight of 24 marble columns that line the courtyard and examine 12th century iconostasis that depict the 12 apostles.

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Church of Caesarea of basil


It is known as Church of the Virgin (Al-Adra) and it is located at bin Husain alley. One of the patriarchs stayed in the church 865 AD. The church is about 16meter length, 14 meter width and approximately 10 meter height. The church is covered with bricks dome based on marble columns. 

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The Jewish Temple


The Jewish temple is located in Old Cairo and surrounded by the oldest Coptic Churches and Islamic Mosques that is why this region is known as (the complex of the three religions), The Synagogue has all the distinctive Islamic Christian Jewish artful architectural characters and styles. This temple was used as a church till the 18th century and then it was transformed to a Jewish temple.

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