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Baron Empain Palace


The Baron Palace is located in the Heliopolis district on Al Orouba Street on the main road to Cairo Airport. Baron Emban who built it in 1852, so it named after his name as The Baron Palace. It is designed by a French architect with a penchant for reinforced concrete; the palace's oriental style belies any number of intriguing features besides the material of its construction.

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 Al- Zaafaran Palace


The Zaafarana palace is located at al-Abbassiya district at Khalifa Ma'amon Road. Now it is inside the main campus of the Ain Shams University. The Zaafaran Palace was built during Khedive Ismail's era in 1870. The Palace was so named because the area surrounding it was famous for saffron (in Arabic Zaafaran) plantations. It was one of the royal palaces and it is said that King Farouk was born in this palace.

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Al-Sakakini Pasha Palace


The Palace is situated at Al-Sakakini Square Downtown Cairo in EL-Daher District. It is one of Egypt's oldest palaces that was built by Habib Sakakini Pasha in 1897.   The area where the palace is located named after Al-Sakakini Pasha. Sakakini’s palace is in the Rococo style of the late eighteenth century. Some scholars prefer to call the architecture of this period Late or High Baroque.

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Abdeen Palace


Abdeen Palace is located in Al Gomhuria Square in Abdeen district in central Cairo. It was built in 1863 on a 25-feddan area by Egyptian, Italian, French and Turkish architects. In 1872 the lush and luxurious palace became the seat of the government, Khedive Ismail ordered the palace be erected in 1863, and the palace was named after Abdeen Bay, one of the army commanders under Mohamed Ali Pasha.  Abdeen Palace is one of the most famous palaces that were erected during the reign of Mohamed Ali Pasha Dynasty.

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Manasterly Palace


EL-Manasterly Palace is located in El-Rawdah Island in El-Manial District in Cairo and next to the palace are located the Nilometer and Om kalthom Museum, It was built by Hassan Fouad Al-Manasterly Pasha, whose name is a derivative of the city of Monastir in Macedonia near the Bulgarian borders. the palace was put on Egypt's antiquities list and it was opened by the Cultural Development Fund as the International Musical Centre for the performance of concerts and lectures.

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