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Cairo Governor meets Chamber of Commerce members
3 January 2023

Cairo Governor Khaled Abdel Aal held a meeting on Monday with members of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce to discuss the final arrangements of establishing more than 100 outlets and fairs selling food commodities at affordable prices within days across Cairo.

The meeting was attended by Secretary-General Hazem El-Ashmony, Deputies Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Ahmed El-Wasemy and Sameh Zaki, Director of Supply Directorate Abdel Naeem Hamed, and several executives of Cairo Governorate.


During the meeting, Abdel Aal pointed out that the new outlets, launched in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, would be operated along with the old 2100 fixed and mobile outlets spreading across the capital.

Moreover, Abdel Aal asserted that a large number of outlets would be launched, especially in Cairo’s neediest neighborhoods. He also praised the role of the commerce chamber in supporting executive bodies of the Cairo governorate to offer citizens strategic and food commodities at affordable prices.

Abdel Aal also said that the executive bodies of the governorate constantly intensify follow-up on the availability of sufficient strategic and food commodities at affordable prices in all areas and neighborhoods of Cairo to control markets and confront commercial fraud and price manipulation.  


Furthermore, Abdel Aal directed executive bodies to conduct daily inspections of shops and stores to ensure that the prices are displayed clearly and legibly on commodities.

At the end of his meeting, Abdel Aal said that the operations room of the Supply Directorate announced a state of emergency to follow up on districts’ supply sub-departments and communicate with district chiefs to monitor and control markets.

Source: Media Department, Cairo Governorate