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Cairo Governor conducts inspection tour of Obour Market
21 December 2022

Cairo Governor Khaled Abdel Aal inspected Wednesday the Obour Market to follow up on the availability of citizens’ needs of food commodities at affordable prices.


At the beginning of his tour, Abdel Aal held an expanded meeting with the merchants to discuss the mechanism of control and monitor prices in retail and wholesale markets, considering that the Obour Market is one of Cairo’s largest food commodities markets. It is also a key price indicator in retail markets.


Moreover, Abdel Aal emphasized that the directives of political leadership stress the necessity of controlling and monitoring prices and providing commodities at affordable prices, in addition to establishing new wholesale markets offering citizens goods at competitive prices.


Abdel Aal also pointed out that the state’s executive bodies exert great effort to control commodities’ prices by inaugurating exhibitions selling food commodities at fair prices.


Furthermore, Abdel Aal said that the measures taken by the government to control soaring food prices in light of the global crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war have effectively contributed to reducing goods prices.      


In addition, Abdel Aal asserted the availability of all food commodities at affordable prices in the Obour Market, stressing the importance of the role of merchants in balancing the commodity prices.


Abdel Aal also stressed the necessity of announcing the official prices of commodities, whether at supermarket chains or stores, asserting that the state intensifies follow-up on markets to ease the burdens of citizens.


For their part, the merchants in the Obour Market stressed their support for all state’s decisions and measures to reduce goods prices for the sake of citizens.


Source: Media Department, Cairo Governorate