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Cairo Governor inaugurates ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ Outlet in Maadi
21 January 2023

Cairo Governor Khaled Abdel Aal inaugurated Saturday a new outlet of the “Ahlan Ramadan” Fair in the Zahraa El-Maadi neighborhood, Basatin. The 120-meter outlet is part of the 100 outlets planned to be established by the Cairo governorate across the capital following the directives of political leadership to provide citizens with high-quality commodities at affordable prices. 


The new Maadi outlet offers all kinds of strategic and food commodities, including rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour, poultry, meat, fish, and species, at prices lower than the market.  


Abdel Aal also asserted that the state makes a great effort to ease burdens on citizens by spreading outlets selling commodities at affordable prices across the city to mitigate the impacts of the economic crisis resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian war. 


Abdel Aal added that more outlets would be spread across Cairo, along with the city’s 2100 fixed and mobile outlets, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and the Supply Directorate, especially in the neediest neighborhoods, to offer commodities at wholesale prices.


Moreover, Abdel Aal confirmed that the executive bodies of the Cairo governorate intensify inspection campaigns in all Cairo’s areas and neighborhoods to ensure the availability of sufficient food commodities at affordable prices and to control and monitor markets to prevent commercial fraud, manipulation, and monopoly. He also urged to take all necessary legal actions against violators and to make sure that merchants display clear legible price tags on each commodity.


The newly established “Ahlan Ramadan” outlets receive a high turnout from citizens, given they offer low price commodities.


Source: Media Department, Cairo Governorate