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Cairo Bike Project

As part of the Cairo governorate's effort to protect the environment and reduce vehicle dependency and traffic congestion, it launched the Cairo Bike Project to offer various healthy and environmentally friendly transportation. The project will also de gas emissions by promoting bikes as non-motorized transportation to commute in the capital.

The Cairo governorate is a pioneer in implementing the bike-sharing system, which started in October 2022. Cairo Bike Project is the first of its kind in Egypt, as previous experiences were limited to urban communities. Cairo Bike’s name was chosen in consultation with civil society, cycling groups, and environmentalists.  


The idea of ​​ bike-sharing system depends on a large connected network of stations across the city where bicycles are available for public use. Cairo’s residents can grab a bike from station A and then drop if off at station B. The bike- sharing system has proven its success in promoting the use of non-motorized transportation. Additionally, it’s equipped with advanced surveillance cameras and high security system and GPS tracker. The stations are distributed across Cairo to integrate with public transportation, including ones near metro stations.




First Phase:

The first phase of Cairo included 250 bicycles at 25 different stations in various parts of Downtown and neighboring areas, including Abdel Moneim Riyad, Tahrir, El-Falky, Mohammad Farid squares, in addition to some streets of Abdeen, Ramses, Garden City, and Zamalek.

The first phase was implemented following the technical requirements set by global expertise and the latest specification through a partnership with the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat), Drosos Foundation, technical support from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), and local operation by Baddel Bike Share Company.

The first phase of the project included installing bike lanes ranging from one to two meters in several streets in Downtown, allowing citizens to use these lanes away from cars. Plastic barriers, approximately 50 cm high, were placed to prevent cars from entering the bike lanes, which extend for about 2 km in the first phase.


Cairo Bike First Phase stations across Cairo




Gharb El-Qahira

Abdel Moneim Riyad – Bus Station Entrance

Tahrir Garage Entrance, Tahrir Square

In front of Abdel Moneim Riyad Square, Downtown

Mahmoud Basiony Street and Talaat Harb Street

Across the Bar Association Building, Ramses Street

Tahrir Square in front of KFC

Opera Metro Station, Near the Police Officers Club Entrance

Qasr El-Nil Street in front of Steigenberger Hotel, Tahrir Square

In Front of  El-Salam Theatre, Ismail Abaza Street and El-Qasr El-Aini Street

Near Egyptian Medical Syndicate Building, Fasqia



El-Shawarbi Passageway off  Qasr El-Nil Street, Downtown

Gomhoria Square, Abdeen

In front of Mohammad Naguib Metro Station across Al-Tabbakh Mosque, Mohammad Farid Square

Falky Street and Sheikh Rihan Street

Al-Qadi Passageway between Qasr El-Nil and Mohammad Sabry Abu Alm streets

Falky Street Corner off Tahrir Street

Abdel Khaliq Tharwat Street  Right Exit , Opera Square


Ramses Street in front of El-Helal Hospital

Ramses Street in front of Syndicate of Commercial Professions

Gomhoria Street

In front of Ramses Building

Gomhoria Street and Naguib Rihany Street

Zakaria Ahmad Passageway off July 26 Street

Next to Saad Zaghloul Mausoleum

El-Sayeda Zeinab

Mohammad Ezz Al-Arab Street Corner and Sheikh Ali Yousef Street


Second Phase

Cairo Governorate seeks to establish a total of 45 stations with 500 bikes to complete this major project, believing that bikes are not only a means of transportation but also a symbol of positive cultural change, as they are eco-friendly modes of transport with positive effects on society and the environment, such as easing traffic congestion, improving public health, cutting transportation costs, reducing carbon emissions, and supporting tourism.



For latest news, events, offers, and biking tips, you can visit Cairo Bike's social media pages or use their app.




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