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Maspero Triangle Project

Maspero Triangle Project

The construction boom that Egypt is currently witnessing does not stop at building new cities but also includes developing the khedivial Cairo area and eliminating informal settlements, including the Maspero Triangle Development Project.

The Maspero Triangle Development Project is one of the mega projects that aims to eradicate informal settlements, restore Cairo's previous glamourous state, and change the map of this historic area.



The project is part of the national strategic plan for urban development as well as economic, social, environmental, education, security, and cultural development, which will contribute to building an integrated society that improves the lives of citizens and raises their aspirations. 

The Egyptian political leadership is closely following up on the executive status of the Maspero Triangle Development Project, which integrates with the Ahl Misr Walkway Project.


Maspero Triangle Location

The Maspero Triangle – a name derived from its triangle shape on the map- dates back to the Mamluk era and is one of Cairo’s historic neighborhoods located at the east of Cairo.




Moreover, the Maspero area houses the headquarters of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dar El Maaref Printing and Publishing House, the Italian Consulate, Abu El-Ela Mosque, Hilton Ramses Hotel, and the Royal Vehicle Museum.

The total area of the Maspero Triangle is 75 acres, including the buildings mentioned above, while the target area for development is 40 acres.



The Maspero Triangle development project is divided into a residential, commercial, and entertainment areas. It worth L.E one billion and 800 million.

The government has listed five methods of compensation for the Maspero Triangle’s residents in return for their homes, which will be demolished and replaced with commercial and residential buildings over three years.

These options include: leasing an apartment in the area after development is complete, to be owned after 30 years; renting a home in the area; buying a home in the area; receiving a one-time financial compensation of EGP 100,000; or relocating to El-Asmarat neighborhood in the Muqattam district.

A total of nine towers are under construction in the Maspero Triangle project, as part of the developmental plan of slum areas in the country.




Progress has been made in the project, with the heights of the towers reached 17 floors thus far, while two new towers are under construction.

The project consists of a basement (lower garage) with a flat 19,220 m, a capacity of 353 cars, a ground floor (commercial) with an area of ​​16,970 m, a first floor (an upper garage) with a surface of 15800 m and a capacity of 280 cars, and two towers for alternative housing for the residents of the Maspero Triangle area.

A commercial and entertainment areas will be established to serve the towers.

The heights of the towers will reach 30 floors, and tourist and hotel towers will be constructed in the area located on the Nile. As for the western side of the project, it has been allocated for administrative and commercial purposes, and the center of the project will be an entertainment area, with an investment cost of 10 billion pounds.

Three towers are previously announced to be established in Maspero Triangle on the Nile Corniche in Cairo, and will be called “Maspero Nile Towers.”