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Cairo Portal's Strategic Plan

  1. Train all employees of Cairo governorate's entities to enable them to update their data on the portal.
  2. Activate e-services on the portal.
  3. Enable direct communication between citizens and the governorate's leaders.
  4. Establish integrated databases to allow citizens to get all the information they need easily and quickly.
  5. Provide a Geographic Information System on the portal.
  6. Establish web portals to all the districts of Cairo governorate.
  7.  Constant update of Cairo portal in line with the latest systems used in the design and development of web portals.


Establish a knowledge society and make all Cairo governorate information and services more efficient and effective to meet the citizens' needs in the shortest time with the least effort.




Cairo portal aims to achieve transparency and e-governance principles, and improve the quality of the public services by enabling direct interaction between the governorate and citizens, investors, and tourists to attract more investments and promote tourism.



  • Place the citizen at the heart of events
  • Easy access to information
  • Facilitate the service procedures
  • Encourage investment and tourism
  • Provide necessary information to decision-makers and investors
  • Improve service delivery

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