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Al-Mo'ez Ledin Allah Al-Fatimid … The oldest street in the world

Wandering Cairo is like visiting a one-of-a-kind art museum where you will come across one of the city's oldest street Al-Mo'ez Street.  Al-Mo'ez Street was established by the Fatimid Leader Al-Mo'ez Ledin Allah Al-Fatimi, and it is the most magnificent and the main thoroughfare of Fatimid Cairo.




Al-Mo'ez Street location

Al-Mo'ez Street, situated  in the Azhar area, downtown Cairo, is a unique example of Islamic architecture reflecting Islamic culture in Egypt and a very famous market for locals and tourists. According to archaeologists, it is the biggest open-air museum of Islamic monuments in the world.


Al-Mo'ez Street dates back to the time of Cairo's foundation in 969 by Al-Mo'ez Ledin Allah Al-Fatimi. The street is also lined with magnificent examples of Islamic architecture.


Al-Mo'ez Street, an Open-Air museum of Islamic monuments

Al-Mo'ez Street is an open-air museum that represents both old and modern Cairo. It has a unique collection of historic Islamic architectures dating from the middle ages started from the Fatimid era to the Mamluk era.




The street is home to a variety of Medieval Islamic monuments that show the uniqueness, beauty and greatness of the Islamic ornament and architecture which preserved its position throughout centuries. Al-Mo'ez was named after the Fatimid Caliph Al-Mo'ez Ledin Allah who sent his military commander Jawhar al-Siqilli, to conquer Egypt in 358 AH- 969 AD.