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Abdel Aziz Street, Cairo's biggest electronic market


From unique architectural style to Cairo's major commercial streets

Abdel Aziz Street extends from Abdeen Palace to Ataba Square. The street was established to connect between Abdeen Palace and Khedive Abbas's Palace in Ataba Square.


An important visit to Abdel Aziz Street 

The street was named after the Turkish Sultan Abdel Aziz in commemoration of his fruitful visit to Egypt in April 1863 during Ismail Pasha's reign. This visit considered to be a historic one as it is the first time for an Ottoman Sultan to visit Egypt since Sultan Salim conquered Egypt in 1517.


Sultan Abdel Aziz arrived in Alexandria, and Ismail Pasha personally received him. He stayed at Ras El-Tin Palace, then he travelled to Cairo by train to be his first time to see the train, as Egypt has been one of the pioneers who built a railway station as Abbas Pasha established the first train line in the Middle East between Cairo- Alexandria in 1852. 


Abdel Aziz Street, Cairo's main electronic market

In its early days, Abdel Aziz Street was an example of urban coordination and artistic beauty, but recently it became one of Cairo's busiest markets.  The trade business began to grow gradually at Abdel Aziz Street starting with Omar Effendi Stores located at the intersection of Abdel el-Aziz Street and Rushdi Street. Omar Effendi stores were popular and considered to be one of Egypt's largest department stores whose owner was Turkish until it was sold to a French merchant. The building of the store was famous for its hanging lantern in the entrance lit as an announcement of the store's sales. 


Following the Omar Effendi department store, the furniture trade business started to spread in the street to be home to the most famous furniture shops in Egypt. Then in the early nineties, it became the biggest market for electronic devices and mobile phones. Now Abdel Aziz Street is one of Cairo's most crammed streets and a top destination for many people.