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Tahrir Square

The heart of Cairo city, and its gateway, Tahrir Square is one of Cairo's most iconic squares. It is connected to many of the city's main axes like Ramses, El-Galaa, Talaat Harb, and El-Qasr El-Aini.  The square is intersected by Tahrir Street, which was known as Ismailia Street previously, and is linked to Qasr El-Nil Bridge.





In the past, Tahrir Square was known as Khedive Ismail Square because of Sarya El-Ismailia (now El-Tahrir Complex Building), which Khedive Ismail gifted to his third wife. It was also planned to place the statue of khedive Ismail in the middle of the square. Then after the July 23rd revolution, the square's name changed to Tahrir or liberation after the end of monarchy and the establishment of an independent republic.



The iconic Tahrir Square is surrounded by many famous buildings and landmarks like the Egyptian Museum, The Arab League headquarters, Omar Makram Mosque, the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel, El-Tahrir Complex Building, and the underground four-storey Omar Makram garage.