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The Military Academy


Egypt's Military Academy is a distinctive scientific and military institution in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa, which prepares the Egyptian candidates to become army officers and then commanders. The academy awards a bachelor's degree in Military Sciences. It is affiliated to Egypt's Ministry of Defense and located in Masr Al-Gadidah area.



Mohammad Ali Pasha, the founder of modern Egypt, realized the importance of military power in its different aspects. So, he was the first ruler to build a modern military school in 1811 in El-Qalaa area, Cairo. Then in 1820, the school was transferred to Aswan and was known as " the military school". 


Mohammad Ali Pasha brought Napoleon's most famous soldiers to train the Egyptian soldiers and build a powerful army. One of which was Joseph Seif, who later was known as Suleiman Pasha El-Faransawi and was assigned to train the army.


Due to Aswan's high temperature, remoteness, and transportation difficulties, the school's location changed several times. Then in 1908, it was relocated to Kobri El-Kobba area and was named the military secondary school.   In 1938, the school's name changed to the royal military academy, and in 1954, it was moved to its current location in Masr Al-Gadidah. The academy was officially inaugurated in 1955.


Military Academy's Famous Graduates

Late presidents Mohammad Naguib- Gamal Abdel Naser- Mohammad Anwar El-Sadat, former president Hosni Mubarak, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawy, and president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.