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Mustafa El-Selehdar House


While strolling down El-Mo'ez Street in Cairo, you can't miss Mustafa El-Selehdar House, which is one of El-Mo'ez street's most magnificent monuments. El-Selehdar House is located in El-Darb El-Asfer Alley, next to El-Suhaymi House.


It is worth mentioning that the house replaced the old coffeehouse El-Mawrdy, which was owned by Al-Khawaja Shehab Atta, and it was bought by El-Haj Mustafa Gaffer to build his house.   


House Description

The house has two entrances, the main one leads to EL-Darb El-Asfer Alley, while the second used to lead to a private alley of the house. It also has five rectangular windows with iron grilles and several mashrabiyas. The main entrance has two wood shutters decorated with two rectangular copper ribbons leading to the house's courtyard. 



When you go through the main entrance, you will find the house's courtyard, which overlooks the ground floor's doors and the windows of the first and second floors. There is also a door leading to an ascending staircase to the second floor. Moreover, the northeast section of the courtyard has a door with a rectangular stone threshold inscribed with two verses of poetry.


As for the lower hall, it has a reception room "Mandara" consists of two iwans and a wood ceiling with wooden columns with colored and painted decorations. It also has a colored and decorated marble floor with a square-shaped marble fountain in the middle.


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