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Amir Taz Palace

The Amir Taz Palace, also known as Dar Taz, meaning the home of Taz, is one of the most well-known Mamluk Palaces remaining in historic Cairo. Taz al-Nasiri was at first a Mamluk of the Mohammad Qalawun army. However, he then rose through the ranks and became the chief of the council or Al-Amir Maglis. Amir Taz helped Salah al-Din Salih Mohammad Qalawun to rise through the ranks and become Sultan in 752 (1351).




Amir Taz built the palace in celebration of his marriage to the daughter of Sultan al-Nasir Mohammad. It was subsequently remodeled several times, most notably in the 17th century, during the reform of the Khedive Ismail. In the 19th century, it became a girl's school and had then been used as a storage depot by the Ministry of Education.


Recently, the palace has undergone renovations and is now open as a tourist destination in the morning, with a new area that includes exhibitions of the palace's property.





The Amir Taz Palace lies on Seyoufia Street off Saliba Street, Khalifa District roughly between the Sultan Hassan and the Ibn Tulun mosques.