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Abdeen Palace

In 1863 Khedive Ismail Pasha began constructing Abdeen Palace as the seat of his government and a symbol of Egypt's strength. It was a royal residence until the end of the monarchy in 1952 and is still used by the president for official events.


In 1936 King Ahmed Fouad I made part of the palace into a museum to house some of the objects in his collection. Subsequent rulers have enriched the collection, which now divided into five "museums": the Museum of Arms, the Presidential Gifts Museum, the Documents Museum, the Decorations and Medals Hall, and the Royal Silverware Museum.


Abdeen Palace witnessed unforgettable events that undoubtedly affected Egypt's modern and contemporary history. The palace was named after Abdeen Bay, one of the army commanders under Mohamed Ali Pasha. In 1872, Khedive Ismail moved to Abdeen Palace, leaving the castle, old seat of Egypt's government that was built by Salah El-Din Al -Ayoubi in 1171. Today the Abdeen Palace Museum complex stands as evidence to Egypt's active role overtimes.


Address: Gomhuria Square, Abdeen