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Cairo Gates


Cairo was called the citadel or forte, i.e. stronghold. It looked like a square; 1200m2 in length and 1100m2 in width. It was surrounded with El-Bahr El Azim (the great sea) from the east, the gulf from the west, from the north gardens extended to Mataria and the mount Gabal El-Guishi from the south.


When the Fatimid reign (969-1171) settled in Cairo under the leadership of El Mo'ez Li-Dinellah it was called "Cairo of El-Mo'ez" because they decorated its four suburbs with luxurious buildings, delightful spots and gardens. This increased its delightfulness and beauty. It was the settlement of rulers and princes.


El-Fustat city was big and important due to plenty of buildings, many people and much of livelihood means that is why Jawhar Al-Siqilly was so keen on it. He established the fortified gates (Bab) and installed them around it in the four-sided wall. He built El-Qantara at Bab El-Shairia Street. He also built a wall to quickly surround the Palace. But this was destroyed completely.


Source: State Information Service