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Cairo Airport Museum


Having a museum in all airports around the world is an influential factor to attract tourists and to increase the revenues of the country. So, Egypt decided to build a museum at the Cairo International Airport.


The Airport Museum was inaugurated in 2016 at Cairo International Airport terminal 3 as part of the Ministry of Antiquities' efforts to revitalize tourism.   


The museum aims to highlight Egypt's urban development and the cultural diversity through displaying 39 artifacts selected from various museums in Egypt, such as the Egyptian Museum, the Coptic Museum, and the Museum of Islamic Art. 



Moreover, the museum showcases a rare collection date from the prehistoric period of Egypt, a statue of the ancient Egyptian scribe dates back to the Fifth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, and Coptic icons from the 18th century. It also displays a collection of coins, decorated plates, and Qur'an manuscripts from different Islamic ages.  


Address: Terminal 3- Cairo International Airport

Opening Hours: 24 hours all week

Ticket Prices: Foreigner: $3 – Foreign Student: LE 25