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The Police National Museum


The Police Museum in Cairo is a living witness to the ultimate sacrifices and bravery of the Egyptian police. It tells the heroic actions of security men in defending their country and keeping the oath they vow to fulfill.



The Police National Museum is located inside the Citadel of Salah El-Din, next to the Military Museum in the northwest section of the citadel.




The Police Museum was inaugurated on January 25th ,1986, in the presence of the late President Hosni Mubarak and Major- General Ahmed Roshdi, the then Minister of Interior.


The museum displays a vast collection of artifacts and objects related to the history of the Egyptian police. It consists of six halls showcasing police weapons from the ancient Egyptian period to the present. The museum also displays several frescoes that highlight Egyptian police during the Pharaonic era and the Islamic era.



One of the halls highlights well-known social crimes such as the infamous Alexandrian infamous serial killers Raya and Sakina. It also shed light on the stories of popular heroes like Adham El-Sharkawi, who lived in Beheira province in Egypt. 




Another one displays the epic story of the Ismailia police struggle and fight against the British occupation forces. It includes a maquette depicts the famous Ismailia battle between the Egyptian police and the British occupation forces.


Moreover, the main hall of the museum displays a collection of Egyptian police costumes from the Mamluk era to the modern era, and portraits of Egypt's ministers of interior since the royal period to the present, as well as a number of police medals and awards.




The museum also has a fire department displaying fire trucks dates back to different historical eras like the Ottoman era, the Mohammad Ali Pasha era, and the modern era.



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