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Rokn Farouk Museum

In the far south of Cairo city in the Helwan district and on an area of 12000 m2, you can't miss King Farouk's rest house known as Rokn Farouk Museum, one of Cairo's hidden gems.  



King Farouk had a passion for nature, and one day on his walk in the Helwan district, where the air is pure, and the view of the gardens and the Nile is stunning, he saw the tea stall of the Grand Hotel and decided to buy it to be his rest house.



King Farouk's rest house was built between 1941 and 1642 by Mustafa Pasha Fahmi, Minister of Royal Works. It was designed in the shape of a boat on the bank of the Nile.


The rest house has a garden of rare flowers and a fountain known as the fountain of love.



Rokn Farouk Museum consists:


The Ground Floor: it includes the kitchen and the servant rooms


The First Floor: it is the main floor, and it has a statue of a woman wearing pharaonic jewelry playing on a harp, and replicas of King Tutankhamun's golden throne. There is also an office watch made of gold inscribed with French words dedicated to King Farouk on the occasion of his accession to the throne.  Moreover, it displays a collection of rare artifacts and bronze painting that Helwan's residents presented to King Farouq when he inaugurated the rest house.




The Second Floor: it is the roof of the house and consists of a smoking room, dining room, and sunbathing room for the king to relax and have a massage.