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Ramses Square, the main gateway to the City

Bab El-Hadid, El-Nahda Square, Ramses Square are the names of Cairo's longest and most crowded squares. It connects many of Cairo's main streets, such as Ghamra, Ramses, Faggala, Clot bey, Gomhuria, Sabbtia, Galaa, and Shubra. 



The square was named after Ramses II, one of the Egyptian pharaohs, whose statue used to stand in the middle of the square. Ramses Square or Bab El-Hadid is home to the central train station "Misr Station" connecting  Egyptian cities. The original railway station was built in 1856 after Khedive Ismail signed an agreement with the English Government to establish a railway line between Cairo and Alexandria.


National Railway Museum

Despite being the most crowded and busiest place in Cairo, it is still a famous destination, as it houses the National Railway Museum located on the eastern side of Ramses Square.


The railway Museum was built in 1932 to host the International Railway Conference in 1933. It was the first of its kind in the whole world. The Museum has a fascinating collection of engines, ornate carriages, and numerous models depicting railway networks. It also has a private library that contains documents showing the history of the railways in Egypt. 


Ramses Square restoration

Cairo Governorate has taken a series of drastic measures to restore the old square's heritage and reduce the traffic congestion caused by the microbus stop and the street vendors. The first step was moving the microbus stop to Ahmed Helmi Street. Police had also relocated all street vendors. An intricate system of fences and blockades had also been erected to direct and control the never-ending stream of pedestrian traffic that flows through the square.