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Opera Square

Teatro Square, Opera Square, El-Ataba El Khadra, Ibrahim Pasha Square are all names of famous Opera Square housing the Khedivial Opera House. Opera Square was built during the Khedive Ismail era.


Opera square, home to famous Khedivial Opera House

Khedive Ismail had a dream of Egypt to be a piece of Europe or Europe of the East. So, he imported  the European civilization elements to Egypt, especially its unique architectural style and cultural landmarks. Khedive Ismail started to construct an Egyptian Opera House to be like the famous Italian Opera House" La Scala" in 1869. So, he assigned an Italian architect to supervise the construction works. The building was designed by the two Italian architects Scala and Giovanni Salomon, and it took six months to finish.


Khedive Ismail inaugurated the new Opera House on 4 January 1869. It presented the famous "Rigoletto Opera" performance in the presence of Europe's kings and queens on top of Empress Eugénie, the wife of Napoleon III. On 14 December 1871, the new Opera House presented the famous Egyptian Performance Opera Aida written by the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette and composed by the Italian musician Verdi.


Ibrahim Pasha Statue

In the famous Opera Square, you will come across the statue of Ibrahim Pasha, Viceroy of Egypt. It is the work of the French sculptor Charles Henri Joseph Cordier.