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Lazoghly Square


Lazoghly Square is one of Cairo's Squares, and it was named after Lazoghly Pasha one of Egypt's dignitaries during Mohammed Ali's Era. Lazoghly Pasha came to Egypt accompanying Muhammad Ali Pasha in the late eighties. He held several positions as he was the Minister of finance, then he became the first Minister of Armed Forces. Finally, he served as the Prime Minister of Egypt in 1808, and he remained in his position for 15 years.


His real name is Mohammad Laz while the word “Oghly” means “son “in other words “the son of Laz” and “Laz” is a surname which is given to a section of a population in the Black Sea in Turkey.


Lazoghly pasha was known for his exceptional personality and was a very shrewd politician, and some said that he was the mastermind of the famous massacre in Mohammed Ali Citadel. Although Lazoghly Pasha was a well-known man and had a high position for a long time during Mohammed Ali's era, he didn't care about glorifying his name or his achievements.



Lazoghly Square lies at the intersection of Magles El-Ommah Street, Dawawin Street and Khairat Street.


Lazoghly Pasha Statue and its mystery

Right in the middle of Lazoghly Square in Cairo stands a colossal statue made by the French sculptor Jack Mar. Mohammed Ali Pasha had decided then to erect statues of Egypt's most famous dignitaries as a commemoration to their contribution to the country, including Lazoghly Pasha.


When the French sculptor wanted to create Lazoghly Pasha Statue, he couldn't find any picture of him. So, he had to find a person looking like him.  Eventually, he found a water carrier "Saqqa" who resembled Lazoghly Pasha greatly. Then, they brought him clothes like the ones of the Prime Minister, and he posed for the sculptor. It was the first and the last time for this water carrier to dress and act as a state official.


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