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El-Mahkama Square, Misr El-Gadidah most elegant squares

An exotic example of the Egyptian modern life spirit blended with the European culture style is the perfect way to describe Misr El-Gadidah district in Cairo. As you walk in its street, you will be amazed by its elegant social atmosphere and its unique cultural features.


While wandering in Misr El-Gadidah district, you will find El-Mahkama Square one of its most famous squares. It is located between El-Hegaz Street and Abu Bakr El-Sadiq Street and bounded by three Squares which are Misr El-Gadidah, Tagnid and Safir. It was called El-Mahkama because of the existence of Misr El-Gadidah Court near the square.


El-Mahkama Square Restoration

In August 2016, Cairo Governorate had inaugurated El-Mahkama Square after finishing its renovation as a part of the Governorate's project to develop the capital's historic squares. The renovation included the removal of Misr El-Gadidah tramway and the expansion of the streets to avoid the current traffic congestion. It also included paving the streets and renewing the light poles, traffic lights and road signs.