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Bab El-Louq Square


El-Falaki, Al-Azhar, Bab El-Louq are all the names of the 700-year-old Bab El-Louq Square located in Downtown Cairo. It is one of Cairo's oldest squares that embraces the features and characteristics of downtown streets.


Bab El-Louq was known as El-Falaki Square after Mohammed Mahmoud Pasha Hamdi El-Falaki who lived there from 1815 to 1885. People gave him the nickname El-Falaki as he was interested in Astronomy and he decided to study Astronomy in 1842.  He was also the knowledge Minister in 1885. In 1930 the Egyptian Government decided to name the square after him to honor his name. But it was changed to Bab El-Louq Square, and El-Falaki became the name of one of its side streets which is the longest in Bab El-Louq Square as it extends from Tahrir square crossing Sherif Street and ends in Abdeen Palace square.  


Bab El-Louq, a sports venue

Bab El-Louq square was established by El-Saleh Ayoub as an arena for his knights to play "El-Akra" which was a kind of sport practiced while riding horses. The square had a fence and an entrance door for the knights, players and audience.


Bab El-Louq streets


El- Bostan Street: it is now known as Mohammad Abdel Salam Aref, who was one of the Iraqi Revolution leaders.


El-Falaki Street: it was named after Mohammad Mahmoud Pasha Hamdi El-Falaki who was an Egyptian Astronomer and a pioneer of the Egyptian Renaissance in the mid-19th century.


Sherif Street: it was named after Sherif Pasha "Abou El-Dostour" and Queen Nazli's grandfather. It starts from Bab El-louq intersected by Sabri Abu Alam then Roshdy Street and Qasr El-Nil and ends at Adli Street. The street was previously known as El-Madebegh Street "Tanneries Street" until they moved the Tanneries to El-Fustat Area.

Suleiman Pasha Street (Colonel Seves): Suleiman Pasha was a French colonel came to Egypt accompanying the French Expedition. He converted to the Islamic Religion and Mohammed Ali chose an Arabic name for him so, he named him Suleiman and granted him the title "bey". During Khedive Abbas period, Suleiman Pasha became the General Commander of the Egyptian Army and he was married to one of Mohammed Ali's Daughters.


Nubar Pasha Street: it was named after Nubar Pasha AN  Egyptian-Armenian politician and the first Prime Minister of Egypt. Nubar Street starts from Bab El-Louq crossing el-Bustan and ends at Dar El-Hilal.    

Roshdi Pasha Street:  it was named after Roshdi Pasha, who was a politician and Egypt's Prime Minister during 1st world war to honor his memory. The street begins at Abdel El-Aziz Street and ends at Mazloum Pasha Street. 


Bab El-Louq Square on Google Maps

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