General Questions


General Questions


What is Cairo Governorate Portal?

Electronic  Portal of Cairo Governorate is one of the main elements of  Capital modernization program and it aims to establish the principle of transparency and to improve the performance of public services provided by the government. The electronic portal has been established for direct interaction between Cairo governorate, its different entities and citizens , investors and tourists of Cairo.


Who supervise of cairo portal?

·         Cairo portal is supervised by Central administration of information and communication technology which is which is to propose new themes that published in the portal and it coordinates with all entities of the governorate about the data that will be published.

·         Develop a plan for marketing advertising and pricing policy after conducting varied marketing studies on the best price and the best methods to encourage and attract advertisers on the portal.

·         Follow up drafting  review process and quality of the language of the subjects that will be published in the portal.

·         Preparing and determine the topics and information of all activities and business of all governorate entities and publish the important ones on the portal.

·         Coordinate with cairo governorate media department and similar portals of concerned parties( ministries-  authorities- private sector) to make general investigation regarding governorate news.

·         Take appropriate action to make public opinion polls in the portal and analyze the results of the poll and prepare databases for it and display the results to the concerned authority to take appropriate action.

·         Develop  Comprehensive policy for information security in cairo governorate to prevent corrupting or disabling or spy on their information.

·         Supervision of providing the means for the security of the data for all entities Cairo governorate and develop informatics contingency plan  to face disasters that may threaten the safety of the information.

·         Working to bring the latest systems , antivirus and intrusion attempts programs  with training the employees to prevent  deliberate cyber attacks on data in networks in Cairo governorate.

·         Among the main objectives of the central administration is the mechanization of cairo  governorate and establish technological centers for the governorate.


Electronic services


How can cairo portal help me?

 Cairo portal is keen to :

·          Providing a wide range of services forms that the citizen needs by presented forms of service of the governorate, districts, directorates and most common services.

·          Support  electronic mobility of services so that as soon as registering at the portal you can reach to electronic services provided by all governorate entities.

·          Publishing tenders, advertisements and public auctions of the governorate  and all its entities.

·          Provide portal's visitors with the latest news of cairo

·          Publish databases (transports- sport and youth- education,…….etc).


What are electronic services ?

·         e-services are the services available through the portal, which can be accessed through any computer connected to the Internet.

·         We are at cairo portal working on unifying access to e-services in a way that helps to  access these services wherever you are without having to go personally to the concerned authority.


Who can benefit from the services of cairo portal ?

·         Electronic portal of cairo governorate offers variety of services some of which is limited to citizens and residents of Cairo, while others remain open to the general public like the most common services.

What do I do if I notice the lack of electronic service  that expected to be provided by the portal?

·         Cairo portal ensures the modernization and development of services offered continuously. If you felt that one of the most important electronic services is not available on the portal , please do not hesitate to inform us your opinion through opinions and suggestions forms  provided by the portal and through  contact us in the bottom of the Home page.




What is the role of the portal in helping the citizens?


·         Cairo Portal is keen to provide the Egyptian and Arab  citizen with necessary  information and news of activities and services of cairo governorate such as job opportunities – announcement of housing units for modern marriages cases – publishing tenders and auctions at the governorate level and  its entities - publish the results of the General Certificate ( primary – preparatory).

·           Support the service of receiving complains electronically so that once the complaint is registered we can  respond to the citizen  within 84 hours and it will also support all electronic services of various entities of the governorate.

·         Provide cairo visitors with the latest news of cairo.

·         Activation and insertion of databases at the portal to enable the citizen to have the required data quickly and easily ( transportation- health,……..)  

·          Coordinate with cairo governorate media department and similar portals of concerned parties( ministries-  authorities- private sector) to make general investigation regarding governorate news.

·         Activation of electronic services provided by the some districts and some departments of the governorate to the citizen through the portal such as  ( extract building and demolition permits - extract shops licenses- get housing unit- get cemetery,……).

·         Insert maps of cairo and its districts.