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Culture Agenda  

Cairo Celebrates its 1049th National Day anniversary


What is Cairo’s National Day

Every year on July 6th, Cairo the Capital of Egypt celebrates its National Day. This celebration marks the day when Jawhar al-Siqilli leader of the army of Caliph Al- Mo’ez li-Din Allah laid the foundation of Cairo to be the new capital of Egypt on 17 Sha'ban 358 A.H and 6 July 969 A.D to be 1048 years of civilization. To know more facts of Cairo's, click here




Cairo’s National Day’s agenda

On the occasion of Cairo’s National Day celebration, Cairo Governor held a press conference on Thursday in which he reviewed a number of Cairo Governorate’s ongoing projects such as The Maspero Triangle area demolition project that aims to eliminate slums in Cairo and to turn the area into an investment and residential hub. 


The Governor added that the development plan of Cairo’s slums which is estimated to be 109 areas is underway in Tal al-Aqarib area which turned into Rawada al-Sayeda in addition to the upgrading works in Shaq Al-Thoaban area aiming to turning it into a global marble city.


Cairo Governor also pointed out that the Khedivial Cairo development project which aims to restore Cairo’s old glory and preserve its historic value is still ongoing adding that the renovation works in some area are completed like Behlar passage and Boursa area which will be allocated for pedestrians.


On the other hand, the governor announced the inauguration of several projects over the coming period including El-Mahrousa 1 project in Al-Nahada City and El-Galaa bridge which received its development funds from the National Bank of Egypt within the frame work of civil society contributions to the society development. He also announced the official inauguration of Al-Salam bus stop after its trail operation and the inauguration of the first phase of Roxy garage with capacity of 900 cars.


Meanwhile, Cairo governorate in cooperation with Ain Shams university inaugurated on 8th July 2018 the National Conference for Youth “Together for Egypt” under the auspices of Cairo governor Atef Abdel Hamid and Egypt’s Prime Minister. For more

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