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Arab Oud House





Arab Oud House


Cairo, Qahret El-Moez was and still minaret of culture and arts in the Arab World. It is not surprisingly for Cairo to be home to one of the most important cultural centres in Egypt the famous "Arab Oud House". Arab Oud House was founded by Iraqi Artist Nasser Shamma in 1998 to be the first specialized center for the study of Oud (lute instrument) comprehensively. It is currently inside one of Egyptian Islamic monument "Al-Harrawi House".


Arab Oud House's objects


Oud is one of the essential musical instruments used in Oriental Music Takht (Orchestra) which represents form of the Egyptian classical music so, it became necessary to establish a music learning center to preserve our music Heritage in addition to encouraging solo performance culture, developing individual skills and composition talents.      


Arab Oud House offers its students both artistic and cognitive support to enrich their scientific and literary culture by using Arab Oud House's library where they can found a variety of books and publications on different cultures. The house also attracts all kinds of intellectuals through organizing cultural events such as seminars and cultural evenings.


Students also have the opportunity to hold their own concert as a part of their graduation project to be officially an Oud player.    


Arab Oud House's Achievements


The Egyptian Oud House has succeeded to graduate many skilled musicians who proved their proficiency and talent in the Arab World and made a wide range of audience who became fond of the Oud and Arabic Music in addition to youth and children who became familiar with the Arabic music instruments.


The Center also hosts musical bands who introduce different classical pieces and new pieces that have a unique blend of oriental instruments and modern techniques to reach to the new generation by being modern and authentic in the same time.


Arab Oud House established the first woman's Oud orchestra consisting of ten players to support the presence of women in the Arab music world.


The house also performed several local and international music shows in more than twenty countries with the participation of the center's graduates and students in addition to honoring Arab Oud House as the best project for Arab youth development in creativity field by American University in Cairo.


Besides that Arab Oud House participated in the first Oriental Music Orchestra in the classical Music Festival in Abu Dhabi. It also introduced a number of talented musicians and singers through the Annual Festival held by Cultural Development Fund in Ramadan for the artistic bands. 



Source: Arab Oud House




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