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                                                 Umm Kulthum Museum


Umm Kulthum Star of the East "Kawkab al-Sharq" whose sweet voice and unique belongings still can be heard and seen in her own exquisite museum that was built as a commemoration to the legendry Egyptian singer. The museum is the home to most of her remarkable musical history and her own collections and belongings. As Minister of Culture thought to establish this museum as appreciation of Umm Kulthum's great role in enriching both Arabic and Egyptian music. Umm Kulthum's museum is considered a cultural and artistic beacon that preserve the great singer's legacy.


The culture ministry started to establish this museum in April 1998 in Al-Rawda Island on the Nile in the heart of the Capital Cairo as the ministry decided to allocate one of the Manasterly Palace's building for Umm Kulthum Museum which located in Al- Roda Island and next to the famous Nilometre that attracts both foreigners and Egyptians.   



The Museum's Exhibits


In 1998, Ministry of Culture started to collect Umm Kulthum' private belongings and musical works. After a great effort the ministry was able to restore the legendary singer's   most valuable and priceless belongings that are currently being displayed in the museum.


The Egyptian authorities hoped that the museum with its displays will offer an artistic cultural vision that inspires the current and future generations and enrich their musical and singing sensations in addition to encouraging both Egyptian and Arab artists and singers to improve their abilities.





Umm Kulthum Museum is displaying honors and awards that she received during her lifetime and most of her personal belongings such as evening gowns, accessories, handbags, shoes and her famous handkerchief in addition to musical notes, original manuscripts of the lyrics of her songs, rare records and movies. The museum also display some documents like letters from and to some politicians, leaders and public and art figures who really influence her art and music. 




Umm Kulthum Museum consists of:


The Main Hall


It displays Umm Kulthum's personal belongings, medals and honours in addition to murals of Kawkab al-Sharq rare photos, Musical notes, and manuscripts of lyrics of her songs written be renowned poets and some of her letters.




                                                                                                                              The Cinema hall


It displays a short documentary film produced by cultural Development Fund showing selections of her life in addition to scenes of her movies and concerts in Egypt and in the Middle East concluding it with her funeral. The documentary film is available in Arabic, English and French.


The Audio visual Library Hall


It consists of five computers which displaying all of her songs, pictures of her concerts and trips inside and outside Egypt, her movies and there is a full record of Arabic newspaper articles about Umm Kulthum from 1924 to 2000.


The Panorama Hall


It displays a 10 minute panorama of umm Kulthum photos through various stages of her life with her colleagues in addition of her photos with renowned artists and singers accompanied by music of the famous artist Regah Dawoud.      


The Museum also displays a 15 minute silent documentary of Umm Kulthum or "the Lady"   showing all of her concerts inside and outside Egypt which is the first destination of all the museum's visitors.




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