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Egyptian Knowledge Bank 


Egyptian Knowledge Bank


A New gate of Science and Knowledge


Toward Egyptian Society that "Learns… Thinks… innovates" is the main concept of the newly initiative launched by the Egyptian President Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi during the Science Day in 2015 and it was officially published 9 January 2016 to be the biggest digital library in the world, housing contents of the most prominent publishing houses all over the world such as National Geographic, Discovery Cambridge, Oxford, Reuters, Britannica and others.      


Egyptian Knowledge Bank is one of the largest National Projects that concerns with education in Egypt and aims to provide a huge and diversified sources for knowledge and culture for free for all Egyptians as Education is the essential mean that will boost the country to a better future.


All Egyptians from all ages will have the opportunity to enrich themselves with different kinds of scientific and cultural disciplines whether it is basic, applied, technology, human or management science and even public cultural books, including books targeting children through a unified portal, inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, to be used through all computers, as well as smart phones and tablets here is the new project of Egyptian Knowledge Bank www.ekb.eg/web/guest/home.


Now the Board of Trustees of the project is being formed with a mission to set programs and mechanisms to activate ways for utilizing all this content, through conducting public forums and workshops from various governorates, in universities, youth centers, culture palaces, clubs and schools.



Website: www.ekb.eg

Email: ekb-contact@gmail.com




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